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Seasonal Pond Maintenance

The days are starting to get longer now, and spring is just around the corner. There is little maintenance needed while temperatures remain low, but don't forget that as it does get warmer your fish will needed attention and so will your pond if algae and weeds start to grow quickly. Next month we will publish our guide to pond maintenance in spring.

To further improve the water quality and maintain sparkling water clarity all year round, we recommend an environmentally friendly pond maintenance product like Aquaclean or Pondbrite. We stock these two specialist products that work in an environmentally friendly way. They have no harmful chemicals and can be used by everyone, no operator's licence or permit is needed. The good news is that:

Fragile Earth is a distributor of Bionetix products in the UK. For Aquaclean and Pondbrite see the Pond Maintenance category; for Septic Tank Treatment, see the Septic Tank Treatment category. For advice call: 0845 2238801.

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Why use our environmentally friendly cleaning products?

Fragile Earth stock a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They will clean your home safely, effectively and cheaply. They work to deactivate bacteria, and are particularly effective in controlling smells and odours. Our eco-friendly cleaning products actually digest germs and harmful bacteria using nature’s own methods. The majority of our products are concentrated, simply dilute with water according to the instructions, using your own refillable bottle or our very popular trigger spray. The concentrated products use smaller bottles or come in sachets, meaning less to transport and recycle. What’s more, wherever possible we’ve used compostable packaging to reduce waste further. Truly environmentally friendly.

You can use Fragile Earth eco products in all areas of the home; our eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner is perfect for all everyday cleaning jobs. We also have specialist environmentally friendly products for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets; toilet cleaners (an alternative to bleach) which effectively remove limescale; a smear-free, biological glass and mirror cleaner; eco-disinfectant for mopping and disinfecting hard surfaces; an eco-friendly car wash fluid, and our eco, pet-friendly, non-caustic concentrated odour busting spray. We also stock a range of environmentally friendly cleaning refills for specialist use as well as septic tank treatments and grease busting products and systems. Fragile Earth products are nature’s own effective environmentally friendly cleaning power, bottled to clean your home.

All of our eco friendly household products can be ordered easily in our online shop and delivered to your door. Just browse the products, fill up your basket and pay online; Fragile Earth will deliver within 5 working days. Remember, these concentrated eco friendly products last much longer than ordinary ones, so you’ll only have to order every few months. It’s the easier, greener, cheaper way to keep your house and garden clean.