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Our Fragile Earth products are based on over 30 years of experience in formulating cleaning products that really work. The basic formulations contain beneficial bacterial cultures, enzymes and plant oils and are used globally for large-scale remediation, pollution control, odour control and environmental protection over a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including health,mining, oil and gas, waste treatment, sewage plants, farming and industrial processing such as paper milling and food production.

We have harnessed this expertise and created this range of products specifically tailored to domestic and smaller commercial applications where similar problems exist, albeit at a much smaller scale, after all, if it works on the big jobs it will work on the little ones as well.

Our products are concentrated to save money, they provide immediate and residual action and in all cases are manufactured and designed to be benign and non-toxic in use and disposal.

Fragile Earth products are some of the most effective cleaning products on the market and its all done without the use of chemicals.

There's an awful lot going on inside our little bottles!

Featured Products

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  1. Fragile Earth Compost Accelerator

    Compost Accelerator 250g boosts microbial diversity, speeds up composting, improves and stabilises the humus content and provides trace elements


    Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Composter Accelerator

    Our Composter Bugs accelerate the natural decomposing process allowing all kitchen waste to be composted, whether cooked or uncooked, including meat and dairy products.

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  2. EcoGrow Organic Microbial Growth Stimulant 500ml

    EcoGrow Organic Microbial Growth Stimulant 500ml - makes up to 50 litres- all-natural plant bio-stimulant and soil microbial enhancer


    SUPER CONCENTRATED Environmentally Friendly Microbial Growth Stimulant

    Thinking of growing your own fruit and vegetables? Why not give our Microbial Growth Stimulant a try? This product is a totally natural and organic plant growth stimulant and soil microbial enhancer.

    Fragile Earth Eco-Grow is a highly effective all-natural plant bio-stimulant and soil microbial enhancer with bio-fungicidal properties, contains high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids, rhamnolipids, marine plants and micronutrients.


    • Enhances seed germination
    • Improves soil fertility
    • Increases microbial activity
    • Promotes plant nutrient uptake
    • Suppresses disease
    • Deactivates toxic chemicals
    • Chelates (stabilises) and colloidises fertilisers (enhances nutrient uptake)

    Certified organic.

    PLEASE NOTE: Diluted product MUST be used within 24 hours, only dilute sufficient product to treat the required area.

    Price is per 500ml bottle which makes up to 50 Litres

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  3. All purpose cleaner

    All Purpose Cleaner - biological cleaner, eliminates organic soils, digests grease, oil, protein, fat, starch, controls odours. Fabric and upholstery safe.


    Environmentally Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

    Our Environmentally Friendly All Purpose Cleaner is formulated to clean dirt from a wide variety of surfaces including carpets, tiles, vinyl flooring, fabric, upholstery and hard surfaces. Our All-purpose Cleaner is a unique liquid biological formulation of selected bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners, which will do the hard work for you.

    Cleans hard and soft surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Simply measure 50ml into a 500ml trigger spray bottle (available to buy separately, see related products) and fill with water. This makes our all-purpose cleaner really good value for money,  costing just 65p for half a litre, when compared with other products like Ecozone all purpose cleaner, which costs £5.35 for 300g, As it is concentrated the container is so much smaller, and because you simply use our refillable trigger spray it makes this a truly environmentally friendly product.

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  4. Car Wash

    Car Wash - Penetrating cleaner cuts through oil, grease, soils, and carbon quickly - leaves a protective micro film to resist rapid re-soiling


    Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

    Our Environmentally Friendly Car Wash is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, sequestrates, metal de-activators and our proprietary biological blend of additives.  Car Wash has a pH of 9 with the cleaning power of pH 13.

    Dirt which builds up on the exterior of vehicles is usually quite complex and often requires heavy duty alkaline or solvent based cleaners to remove the deposits. If dirt isn't washed off it can, of course, affect the paintwork.

    Add 100ml to 5 litres of water and wash vehicle with a sponge or cloth for a spotless finish.

    The waste water carries on cleaning - down the drain!


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  5. Odour Buster

    Odour Buster - eliminates bad smells on a wide range of surfaces, fabric and pet safe. Biodegradable formula safer than chemicals.


    Environmentally Friendly Odour Buster

    Odour buster is specially formulated and packaged for easy application directly to areas emitting bad smells, leaving a fresh, clean fragrance. To assure optimal performance of this product under the toughest conditions, it has been produced and blended together with high potency surfactants and odour modifiers. This product controls and gets rid of the smell at source; it doesn't cover it up with another smell!

    This pet friendly, non caustic spray effectively digests bad odours from kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and wheelie bins. Also removes tobacco smells.

    Simply add 50ml to a 500ml trigger spray bottle and fill with water, or use neat. Don't forget that because odour buster can be diluted with water it is extremely economical. Compared to other products Odour Buster is great value at just 66p per litre. As it is concentrated the container is so much smaller, and because you can use our refillable trigger spray it makes this a truly environmentally friendly product.


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  6. No Scrub Path and Patio Cleaner

    No Scrub Path and Patio Cleaner - kills 'green growth' no need to scrub, acid and bleach free, safe and non-toxic


    Our Environmentally Friendly Path and Patio Cleaner is a concentrated moss, algae and mould killer

    Paths and patios that are exposed to the weather all year round can become very dirty and attract moss, algae and mould that can make these surfaces very slippery.  Give them a good clean before the danger of frost arises. Each 50ml sachet makes 5 litres. This works out at less than £1 per litre, which when compared with a product like Enviro-Works Path and Patio Cleaner at £6 per litre represents great value for money. Also, because Fragile Earth's No Scrub Path and Patio Cleaner comes in a sachet, there is no bulky container to dispose of. Avoid using if rain is imminent or expected within 6 hours.

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Why use our environmentally friendly cleaning products?

Fragile Earth stock a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They will clean your home safely, effectively and cheaply. They work to deactivate bacteria and are particularly effective in controlling smells and odours. Our eco-friendly cleaning products actually digest germs and harmful bacteria using nature’s own methods. The majority of our products are concentrated, simply dilute with water according to the instructions, using your own refillable bottle or our very popular trigger spray. The concentrated products use smaller bottles or come in sachets, meaning less to transport and recycle. What’s more, wherever possible we’ve used compostable packaging to reduce waste further. Truly environmentally friendly.

You can use Fragile Earth eco products in all areas of the home; our eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner is perfect for all everyday cleaning jobs. We also have specialist environmentally friendly products for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets; toilet cleaners (an alternative to bleach) which effectively remove limescale; a smear-free, biological glass and mirror cleaner; eco-disinfectant for mopping and disinfecting hard surfaces; an eco-friendly car wash fluid, and our eco, pet-friendly, non-caustic concentrated odour busting spray. We also stock a range of environmentally friendly cleaning refills for specialist use as well as septic tank treatments and grease busting products and systems. Fragile Earth products are nature’s own effective environmentally friendly cleaning power, bottled to clean your home.

All of our eco-friendly household products can be ordered easily in our online shop and delivered to your door. Just browse the products, fill up your basket and pay online; Fragile Earth will deliver within 5 working days. Remember, these concentrated eco-friendly products last much longer than ordinary ones, so you’ll only have to order every few months. It’s the easier, greener, cheaper way to keep your house, business and garden clean.