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Frequently asked questions

Q) Why do some products come in plastic bottles?

A) All plastics can be recycled.

Currently, plastic is the most eco-friendly choice of packaging for Fragile Earth cleaning products, since other materials would be less sturdy and consequently much more packaging would be required, which would make them less eco-friendly. While Fragile Earth is aware that plastic packaging has some environmental impact, we are confident that currently there is no greener alternative to package concentrated cleaning products. Moreover, plastic packaging has been proven to use fewer natural resources like water, oil and gas to produce and recycle than other types of packaging, using current manufacturing methods. Our bottles are currently made from recyclable plastic, but last much longer than plastic bottles with conventional cleaner- so much less plastic waste. We at Fragile Earth consistently review our environmental policy to keep in line with innovations in the packaging sector. Please visit for more information about how to recycle plastic bottles.

For more information about our products and packaging, please contact Fragile Earth and we will be happy to help.

Q) What is bacterial cleaning?

A) It's a way of breaking down harmful bacteria into natural residues.

This innovative, green cleaning system provides the answer to the question “How can I clean my home in an environmentally responsible way?” When you clean using traditional cleaning products like bleach, you’re simply masking odours or 'transferring' dirt from surface to cloth or surface to drain. This means that as well as bringing manufactured and even dangerous substances in your home (where they can come into contact with food, pets, and your children) you also waste water and pour chemicals away into the sea, where they continue to harm marine life and ecosystems. Fragile Earth bacterial cleaning products come from nature, and work with nature. Their ‘friendly bacteria’ break down harmful bacteria into natural residues, which biodegrade into entirely natural elements- like H2O. They contain only specially formulated safe enzymes and bacteria, which effectively clean all household surfaces- from hard surfaces to sinks, drains, toilets, floors and even your car.

Fragile Earth products, because they work to deactivate bacteria, are particularly effective in controlling smells and odours and will clean your home safely, effectively, and cheaply. Our cleaning products actually digest germs and harmful bacteria- using nature’s own methods. What’s more, wherever possible we’ve used compostable packaging to reduce waste further.

Q) What green cleaning products can I use to clean my house?

A) There are green cleaning products that can be used in every room and for every purpose.

You can use Fragile Earth products in all areas of the home; we stock all-purpose cleaner for bathrooms and toilets; toilet cleaners (an alternative to bleach) which effectively remove limescale, and non-formaldehyde toilet blocks for toilets and urinals; a smear-free, biological glass and mirror cleaner; eco-disinfectant for mopping and disinfecting hard surfaces; an eco-friendly car-wash fluid, and our green, pet-friendly, non-caustic concentrated odour busting spray. Fragile Earth products are nature’s own effective cleaning power, bottled to clean your home.

Our All-Purpose cleaner can be used to spot clean or shampoo carpets, drapes or laundry as well as all hard surfaces. The cleaner penetrates deep into the fibres to remove odours and organic stains such as food, wine, vomit etc. Sprayed nightly into kitchen and bathroom sinks, it will keep drain pipes clean and clear of residual wastes and odours. The biological nature of Fragile Earth’s All Purpose Cleaner makes it a safe, and environmentally friendly choice.

Q) Do you sell green washing up liquid? / Do you sell eco-friendly laundry powder or clothes washing tablets?

A) Currently, Fragile Earth do not stock washing up liquid or laundry powder or tablets.

This is because, as much as some companies claim to have manufactured eco-friendly versions of these products, scientific opinion is that currently no laundry or dishwashing product on the market is truly ‘biological’ or ‘non-toxic. Fragile Earth is confident that currently, such ‘green’ products are not significantly kinder to aquatic life than non-green products, as claimed; in fact, scientists on the Which panel in 2010 dismissed these products as ‘greenwash’ , endorsing our view. Fragile Earth will only sell products which are genuinely non-toxic, biodegradable and entirely eco-friendly. We constantly monitor developments in the sector and innovate in the field of biological cleaning; when these products are available and truly eco-friendly, Fragile Earth will sell them.

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