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Kitchen Composter Accelerator

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Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Composter Accelerator

Our Composter Bugs accelerate the natural decomposing process allowing all kitchen waste to be composted, whether cooked or uncooked, including meat and dairy products.

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Kitchen Composter Accelerator

This is an accelerating biological nutrient and stimulant that contain billions of natural microorganisms especially cultured for composting and decomposition of organic matter.

How to use:

Add two level 35ml scoops (supplied) into 4 litres of warm water, leave for 30 minutes and then pour over compost and mix well. EcoBugs Compost Accelerator will speed the decomposition of difficult to compost organic matter. Fermentation should take place in 10/14 days dependant upon temperature.

Eco-friendly compost aid

There are also organic calcium compounds included in the compost accelerator to neutralize the organic acids produced during composting. As it is made with no harmful chemicals, Kitchen Composter Bugs Accelerator is the eco-friendly way to aid the composting process.

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