Fragile Earth

Composting and Plant Stimulant

For gardeners, growers and horticulturalists we only have a small selection...but. they are popular and proven winners, our Eco-Grow is a 100% certified organic natural plant growth (bio) stimulant and soil microbial enhancer. It is highly effective at all stages of plant life particularly enhancing nutrient uptake by plant roots thus promoting healthy and stronger growth.  Eco-Grow is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective (highly concentrated) product 

Our Compost Accelerator, affectionately known as 'Compo Bugs' has been a gardener's favourite for years as a way of making up for the shortfalls of typical composting methods. Added to compost it develops highly effective conditions that allow a rapid breakdown of materials including difficult to treat materials, it also promotes degradation in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Compost Accelerator contains a staggering 5 BILLION Bacteria per gram. Compost Accelerator can also be used in kitchen and food waste digesters to breakdown waste before adding to the compost heap.

Lastly, we have a new product Biocidal Horticultural Wash a natural way to disinfect glass houses, cloches, cold frames, equipment, staging, tools and containers ensuring that each transition begins disease and germ-free.

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