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Composting and Plant Stimulant

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Thinking of growing your own fruit and vegetables this year? Whether planting seeds or planting out, make sure that you have a good supply of soil improver like compost, and remember that, when it comes to growing your own produce, our microbial growth stimulant is with you every step of the way, as it helps to grow healthy plants, suppress soil and root pathogens, neutralises pesticides in plants and soil, and reduces toxic chemical damage in the soil.

Composting and growing your own produce are two really effective ways to be more environmentally friendly, as well as saving you money. When you use our kitchen and garden waste compost system nothing goes to waste, not even cooked food or any type of kitchen scraps. The composter bugs speed the whole process along, making your compost system efficient. 

Read our helpful compost information and tips.

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