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Compost Accelerator 250g boosts microbial diversity, speeds up composting, improves and stabilises the humus content and provides trace elements

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Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Composter Accelerator

Our Composter Bugs accelerate the natural decomposing process allowing all kitchen waste to be composted, whether cooked or uncooked, including meat and dairy products.

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Composter Accelerator

This is an accelerating biological nutrient and stimulant that contain billions of natural microorganisms especially cultured for composting and decomposition of organic matter.

How to use:

For normal compost treatment - which will be most domestic compost heaps - add 20g (roughly equivalent to two heaped tablespoons) of Fragile Earth Compost Accelerator to 4 litres of warm water, leave for 30 minutes and then pour over the compost using a fine rose and mix well.

Fragile Earth Compost Accelerator will speed the decomposition of difficult to compost organic matter. Fermentation should take place in 10/14 days dependent upon temperature. Re-apply every 2-3 weeks or when topping up with new materials to achieve best results.

High strength applications can be made to 'shock' treat the compost, before a regular dose at the above rate. Apply at double the rate i.e.40g of Fragile Earth Compost Accelerator to 4Litres warm water and apply as above.

Best results will be achieved through trial and error as all compost heaps vary in size, content and density, plus the weather plays a part, as a general guide the rates given will be suitable for most domestic compost heaps up to around 2-3 cubic metres. The dry powder can be sprinkled onto the heap at the same rate as new materials are added then watered in. For larger heaps increase the rate at approximately 20g per 2 cubic metre increase.

Eco-friendly compost aid

There are also organic calcium compounds included in the compost accelerator to neutralize the organic acids produced during composting. As it is made with no harmful chemicals, Kitchen Composter Bugs Accelerator is the eco-friendly way to aid the composting process.

We know that degradation of organic matter during composting depends on several interrelated factors. The diversity and size of the microbial community have a direct influence on the speed and quality of the composting process and the quality of the resulting fertilizer.

Fragile earth Compost Accelerator will guarantee a good microbial diversity for better compost maturation and degradation and will provide a more stable fertiliser. Fragile Earth Compost Accelerator contains mineral elements, amino acids, peptides and vitamins all necessary for the growth and metabolic activity of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts and fungi all necessary in the composting processes.

Fragile earth Compost Accelerator will provide basic essential nutrients often missing in 'organic' waste material needed to maximise both the composting process and the creation of quality humus as organic fertiliser. Enzymes and active yeast also accelerate the degradation of slowly biodegradable material such as grass clippings.

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