Fragile Earth

Odour Control

Bad odours are a particularly unwelcome form of pollution, they alert us to potential health risks and are mostly caused by the decay of organic substances such as food but it can also be from moulds (and musty damp areas), pipework, lavatories, sinks, drains or more obviously from little accidents resulting from illness or from pets and animals. Most bad smells are actually foul volatile particles dispersed in the air and that is what we smell.

Treating bad odours can be tricky, often chemical products fail to eliminate the cause or add a sickly perfume to the already unpleasant smell that's already there. Chemical or synthetic treatments may also pose concerns for human or animal health or for those of us who would rather just use a natural, non-toxic, biodegradable product.

Our odour control products are all based on the dual action of plant-derived enzymes which break down the organic matter (including airborne particles) and bacteria which eagerly consume the bite-size odour molecules turning them into harmless components. Additionally, our products form a complex with the source odour-causing organic compounds, causing them to offer up a lower concentration of the offensive molecules, which means a greater chance of completely destroying the toughest odours.

Fragile Earth odour control products will work as long as there is food for the bacteria to survive, they provide a complete solution to the most offensive smells by treating the cause rather than the symptom.