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Biocidal Cleaners

Fragile Earth biocides (pink labels) include a patented broad spectrum sanitiser proven and tested to be 99.9998% (Log 6) effective in combating pathogens: all of the pathogens were tested at an independent laboratory in accordance with BS EN standards. Our patented biocide is known as PSLog6 and our products are certified to EU standards EN1276, EN14476 and EN1650 and conform to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) For the full list of pathogen control please click this link.

All our biocidal products (pink labels) are certified to destroy Coronavirus.

Fragile Earth Biocidal Cleaners are 100% natural organic products which harness the power of citrus and plant extracts to create a range with a PSLog6 kill rate meaning that they will kill 99.9998% of all germs, viruses and bacteria they come into contact with. Our unique formulation is certified to EU standards EN 14476 for viruses, EN1276 for all bacteria types and EN1650 for moulds and fungi there are often times when a deep sanitising and instant clean is required. It is our view that this is best done with a natural product and not with chemicals. 

Our Biocidal Cleaners are SUPER CONCENTRATES to save money and reduce waste, we don't want to sell you water when you already have it on-site nor plastic bottles you will already own and can reuse.

Our products provide immediate and residual action and in all cases are manufactured and designed to be non-toxic, safe to humans, animals and plants both in use and disposal.

Fragile Earth products contain only 100% natural ingredients, they are not tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived or genetically engineered ingredients.

Fragile Earth products are some of the most effective cleaning and treatment products on the market and it’s all done without the use of chemicals.

Read more about our biocidal concentrates here.

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