Fragile Earth

Washing Concentrates

Surface washing poses a particular set of environmental problems, any outside surface that is cleaned will cause not only the dirt and contaminants to be dislodged but the resulting liquid suspension will end up either being absorbed into the ground, passing into the drainage (and subsequently sewage system) into a soakaway or interceptor or possibly an open water source such as a stream. The combination of detergents, surfactants, chemicals (including Quats, Ammonia, 2-Butoxyethanol, TEA Phenols, SLS & SLES etc), and pollutants can result in catastrophic environmental and human health consequences. Such events are not only bad for the environment and should be avoided but can involve significant fines from the Environment Agency for accidental release.

The Fragile Earth 'Wash' products are formulated to neutralise a wide range of pollutants through the action of enzymes and bacteria in each application meaning that dirt is not held in suspension until treatment can occur, for example at a water treatment plant, the process of deactivating the harmful environmental impacts begins right at the beginning of the cleaning process. This action will carry on in drainage systems, interceptors and even septic tanks as long as there is a food source for the bacteria. 

All Fragile Earth Wash products are safe to discharge to ground or sewers, pose no toxic threat to wildlife, flora or humans and can be safely used in all cleaning applications both commercial and domestic.

Our concentrates provide real value for money alternatives to chemical cleaners, they are incredibly efficient and long-lasting.